A train ride through the Copper Canyon

The recreation park on the rim of the Copper Canyon boasts the world’s longest zip line and a tram ride over a mile into the Canyon. The train ride through the area is both a true Mexican adventure and scenic delight, impossible to describe, climbing to a height of 8671 feet. Along the route, you will see breathtaking waterfalls and may encounter flocks of wild parrots, you will pass through 73 tunnels and over sky-high trestles, and you will cross the continental divide three times on this circuitous route through this lush Mexican landscape.

Dropping off the mountain, you arrive at the oldest Spanish settlement on the west coast, El Fuerte, the legendary birthplace of El Zorro. You visit a unique plaza and colonial fort.


Adventure for your Appetite

Enjoy the finest authentic Mexican food. Be sure to try traditional mole, hand-made tortillas, and flan.


Horseback Riding

If you’re interested in an authentic Mexican adventure, then you can’t beat riding on horse back through the Sierra.


Gone Fishing


Let us take you to some of the world’s top black bass lakes. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful landscapes and you might even bring home dinner!